Heavy menstrual bleeding, also known as menorrhagia, refers to menstrual periods with abnormally heavy or prolonged bleeding which lasts more than 7 days. Heavy menstrual bleeding is common among women. According to a research, menstrual bleeding affects more than 10 million women in the US annually. That is to say, about one out of every five women has it. However, you don’t have to live with heavy menstrual bleeding anymore from now on.


We know that many different situations can cause heavy menstrual bleeding. Some common causes like hormonal imbalance, uterine fibroids, infection, bleeding disorders, uterine cancer could be the condition that cause heavy menstrual bleeding. In addition, certain drugs, such as aspirin, can cause increased bleeding too. So menstrual bleeding is the concern most commonly reported to health care providers.

The next is the point that how to treat the disease. The treatment of heavy menstrual bleeding includes drug therapy and surgical treatment. Drug therapy may include iron supplements, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), tranexamic acid, oral contraceptives, oral progesterone, the hormonal IUD (Mirena). These drug therapies depends on patients’  conditions, which aims to reduce or control menstrual blood loss.

For example, Fuyan Pill is one of the drugs to treat heavy menstrual bleeding. Maybe many of you are unknown of Fuyan Pill. It is a Chinese herbal medicine, created by Dr. Lee, a famous doctor of Chinese traditional medicine. Then, if the drug therapy is unsuccessful, you can accept the surgical treatment, such as Dilation and Curettage (D&C), operative hysteroscopy, endometrial ablation or resection, hysterectomy. Aside from this, we know that some women are embarrassed to talk with their doctors. So it is important to talk openly with your doctor and make sure that you are diagnosed properly and get the right treatment. Don’t have to be shy before your doctor. Better to know your conditions, better to get treated.

In the end, I believe that if you face your condition and doctor properly, disease can be removed eventually. Keep in good mood, regard heavy menstrual bleeding as one part of your life and live with it in a different way. The result is that you don’t have to live with heavy menstrual bleeding anymore.