Clinically, severe acute epididymitis is the end of the period of irreversible chronic epididymitis, at this time it can often occur more acute symptoms of mild epididymitis performance. Experts has done majorities of research on the symptoms of chronic epididymitis and its treatment since the blindly-use of epididymitis medication treatment can lead to severe damage to male health.


Symptoms of chronic epididymitis are usually asymptomatic. Patients will suffer from epididymal thickening, painful testicle, swelling in scrotum, spermatic cord thickening, increased vas deferens diameter, prostate hardening and fibrosis. And prostatic fluid often has visible pus, urine analysis can show secondary to prostatitis infection.


Common symptoms of epididymitis


Scrotal pain. Scrotal pain is one of the most common symptoms of epididymitis. It can radiate to the groin area and lumbosacra. The pain is usually heavy. There may be secretions appear in the urethra, which will cause cystitis, urine opacity.


The tenderness of the groin area. The symptoms of male epididymitis in the groin area tenderness, scrotal enlargement, local skin irritation, such as abscess formation, the skin appears dry thinning, it is easy to fall off. Abscess can also be ulceration.


Testis is enlarged. When the testis was suffering from epididymitis male testes, it was becoming chronic enlargement, hard and smooth surface, a touch of pain symptoms, loss of normal sensitivity, and some testicular atrophy, severe cases almost palpable are less than testicular, bilateral chronic orchitis often can cause infertility.


Urinary disorders. The infection will affect the urinary track and cause painful and frequent urination.


Herbal treatment of epididymitis

Commonly, epididymitis can be efficiently cured by antibiotics. However, because of the different conditions of the patients, not every patient can have a radical cure by this medication. Thus, it’s necessary to find other methods to deal with this disease. The good news is that a herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has proven top have great curative effect on curing epididymitis. Its properties of promoting the blood circulation can have improvement on relieving the pain and swelling. And it can provide good effect on clearing away heat and toxins so as to eliminate the inflammation and eradicate the pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, It’s made from natural herbs so it has no side effect.