Adenomyosis is actually a form of endometriosis, the endometrial tissue invasion of the patients invaded the part of the patients ' uterine muscle layer, resulting in the formation of a disease. This disease has strong impact on the female, patients must pay mote attention. And the symptoms of the disease are relatively subtle, so many patients cannot find in a timely manner.


Adenomyosis Treatment Options

The treatments of the disease are various, clinical deision-making should be combined with the patients' age. Operation and drug treatment options can be selected at the same time.

1. The symptomatic treatment of mild symptoms, only alleviate dysmenorrhea, dysmenorrhea can choose to be non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as indomethacin or naproxen Fenbid.

2. Pseudopregnancy therapy on mild symptoms, and no fertility requirements in menopausal patients, oral contraceptives or progesterone can make ectopic endometrial decidualization and atrophy to adenomyosis development.

3. The IUD for menstruation, dysmenorrhea can choose the contraceptive device containing high progesterone in the uterus, through its local sustained release of progesterone to control the development of ectopic lesions, to remove and replace in five years.

4. To reduce the lesions and the recurrence of the drug before and after the operation of the pseudo menopause therapy. GnRHa injection can make the hormone levels in the body to reach the state of menopause, so that the ectopic endometrium gradually shrink and play a role in the treatment. Application of GnRHa can significantly reduce the uterus, can be used as a part of the larger lesions. Wait until after the uterus becomes smaller, then the surgery, the risk and the difficulty will obvious drop. Side effects can occur in menopausal symptoms, and even lead to serious complications of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. In addition, GnRHa costs are higher, so it is not as a long-term treatment, once withdrawn, menstrual recovery may lead to the progerss of the disease again.

5.Herbal medicine Fuyan Pill has good effects on treating adenomyosis safely and naturally. The patients who have taken Fuyan Pill to treat their adenomyosis will see their improvements in the first month, symptoms of bleeding and pain will also get controlled. Different from other chemical medicine with lot of side effects, herbal medicine Fuyan Pill is made in natural herbs, and won’t cause any side effects on them, but do good effects on whole female reproductive health by improving immune system and self-healing capacity.



Ways of preventing adenomyosis

1. Family planning, as little as possible to do artificial abortion and curettage. To seek medical treatment as soon as possible when get gynecological disease, avoid excessive uterine cavity operation.

2. To keep good health during menstrual period, do not do strenuous activities, pay attention to control one's emotions, do not sulk, otherwise, it will lead to the change of endocrine.

3. Pay attention to keep warm, adjust their mood, diet should be rich in enough nutrition, to correct the partial eclipse and abnormal diet, do not eat stimulant or cold food etc...