We know that orchitis usually caused by bacteria and viruses. The testis is rich in blood and lymph fluid supply, strong resistance is available to bacterial infection. Bacterial orchitis, mostly due to inflammation, was caused by the adjacent epididymis, it is also known as epididymal orchitis.


The common pathogens that can caused orchitis including Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, E. coli and so on. The virus can be a direct violation of the testes, the most common is the mumps virus, the pathogens mainly violations of children's parotid gland, causing "big mouth" disease, but the virus also likes to infringe the testicles, there is viral orchitis.


There are many causes of orchitis, such as infection, trauma, cancer. It is also one of the common diseases in male reproductive system diseases. In addition to the pain caused by the testicular lesions itself, the pain is not the same as the pain, scrotal epididymis, spermatic cord lesions and inflammation often cause testicular pain. Acute epididymitis symptoms in fact relatively simple, unlike other diseases which a series of symptoms. In general, patients with acute epididymitis will in high fever, in addition, there will be feeling of ipsilateral scrotal pain, and this feeling will be repeated. Besides, sometimes the lower abdomen and groin will also be involved in pain, especially when standing and walking, the pain will intensify.


Therefore, experts pointed out that patients should understand orchitis, and find out the cause of testicular pain. It’s crucially important to consult a doctor and have a regular diagnosis. To get a radical cure, herbal medicine orchitis treatment called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a great alternative choice for it has no side effects and can work well on the infection. The herbs in the pill have multiple functions like clearing heat and toxins to eradicate the bacteria and remove the inflammation. Besides, it can improve the flow of blood and Qi to eliminate the pain. What’s more, the urinary symptoms can also be eliminated. By taking this medicine for about 3 months, epididymitis can be cured completely.